SpelQuizBee competition

The SpelQuizBee consists of 2 age specific spelling bees and a Quiz competition.

Schools enroll with the SpelQuizBee office to ensure their students are eligible to participate and to receive the dates and information of each competition

Each school will send in 3 students for the Grades 8-9 competition, 3 students for the grades 11-12 competition and a quiz team comprising of 3 students of any age from that school.

The competition starts off at District level with the winners qualifying for the Regional level. The winners of the Regional competition will them make it to the National finals.

The winners at each level will be awarded prizes.

The champion of each competition qualifies for the next level until the National championship.

Do note that this time around we are trying to move away from giving out cash prizes and instead award prizes that will benefit the winners and the school such as books, equipment (e.g. laptops), and scholarships.

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