About Prime Focus Magazine

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•      Prime Focus is a monthly Namibian magazine that provides readers with in-depth news on business development, economic, social, cultural and political trends in the country with a promotional perspective

•      Our content is a mix of: Profiles, Business, Lifestyle, Culture and News

•      We work to promote trade and investment opportunities

•      We consistently provide insight into trends that drive market share and revenue growth

•      Our vision is to stimulate the next generation of forward thinkers in Namibian business


Our audience consists of:

•       Decision makers, professionals, senior management and aspiring entrepreneurs

•      Government officials, Political heads, captains of the business industry

•      Commercial organisations aiming for positive investment partners/suppliers

•      Anyone seeking an accurate portrayal of business news

•      Most of our readers are in the 25-60 age groups

•      We are available in every Namibian town and also online (website)


Visit us at: www.primefocusmag.com

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